Journal Publication
IMLB2012 will call for papers for journal publication in the Journal of Power Sources. IMLB2012 is honored to have this opportunity, thanks to the interest and cooperation from the journal. All final papers are required to be submitted to the Local Scientific Program Committee of IMLB 2012.

Paper Submission Open: June 17, 2012
Paper Submission Deadline: July 17, 2012

Steps for Submitting Your Paper

Paper Submission Guidelines
Paper Template: The format template will follow the same format as that of the Journal of Power Sources.
The process is the same as the abstract submission.
  1) Only those who participate and have a poster presentation in IMLB2012 may submit their paper.
2) Papers should be submitted online with the same ID used for submitting the abstract.
3) Papers should be submitted in English using the same format as the Journal of Power Sources.
4) Authors may further edit and modify submitted papers until the submission deadline. It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that their text does not contain typos or grammatical errors.
5) No proofreading will be carried out, and no correction will be possible after the submission deadline.